Miriam Beasley

date of birth January 30 1921

date of death December 9 2011

Miriam Beasley was born January 30, 1921 in Portland, OR and passed away December 9, 2011 at her home in Oregon City, OR.

9 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Judy Rumgay Chambers Heartfelt sympathy on the passing of "Mama B" who was one of the all time great ladies of the area. She made such a difference in the lives of so many people especially in our youth through her 4-H activities. God Bless!

Candle lit by Theresa Kauffman A woman who inspired me to become a teacher and loved so many as her family. She taught me to celebrate each child's uniqueness, that birthdays are important, there is nothing so restorative to the soul than the beach, and our shared motto was, "If only all the hands that reach could touch." Her influence continues in the work I do in schools today because everything I needed to know about being a great teacher, I learned at Clackamas County 4-H Camp. I will miss her wisdom but am eternally grateful for all the unconditional love she shared with me and my children. Rest in peace Mama B.

Candle lit by Dennis & Daphne 30 years ago, New Years Eve: we were eating the wedding cake you baked; beginning our new life together. You & Grampa Goat enjoy your Forever together; we will be thinking of you!

Candle lit by Dawn Wells Libby Mama B, you touched my life when it was at it's lowest in '81 at 4-H camp after my father passed away. You helped a scared teenager find her voice and become a strong woman. I Thank you, Betty, Lil Bill, Daphine, the Greg's and every one else being a constant for me every summer when I was so unsure of my self. May the lord have lots of hugs and warm fuzzys for you. All the cold pricklys of life are gone to you.

Candle lit by Dawn Wells Libby Mama B, You were such a warm and special person. You and the rest of the 4-H camp staff were there for me in '81 when I became a camp councler. I had just lost my father and felt like I was so alone in the world. You helped turn a scared teenager into a strong confident woman. You and all the others will always hold a special place in my heart and I think of you often. May you have lots of hug and warm fuzzys from the lord. No more cold pricklys from the world.

Candle lit by "Big Al" Harmon While training to be a teacher in college, we first met while I was a counselor at Clackamas outdoor school in '69-70.You invited me to come to Camp Colten that year. What a change in my life. For over the next 20 years I continued to be guided by you and your wonderful heart while being a member of the Camp Committee.I met my wife of almost 37 years at camp and you,Papa Goat and the 4-H family were at the wedding.You inspired so many and gave so much. Enjoy your reunion in heaven and keep givening those great hugs. I'll be looking forward to mine in the future. God bless.

Candle lit by Jacque deWaalMiller Heaven has gained another beautiful soul. Thank you Mama B somehow you were always there at just the right time with a bug or words of wisdom. I couldn't even begin to count how many 4-H polar bears you taught to swim at camp Colton. You and your staff shaped so many lives what a legecy . Thank you

Candle lit by Jourdan I know you had done so much for everyone while here, but selfishly I'm asking for more of you. If you could just watch over me and kind of nudge me when I'm headed astray I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm not doing so good and I an angel I know personally could possibly make all the difference. I miss you sitting at the table in the beach house eating grapefruit. I miss you asking me to try the chocolate candy that we didn't know went bad and how you laughed at my city boy reaction. I don't quite know, at the moment, if I'm mixing memories or they're beginning to blur together because I'm getting older but I woke up today and had the feeling I used to get about know it's the first of December and in a few days Great Grandma is sending (what I'll call) the count down stocking. A little present for each day leading up to Christmas......Even if they weren't from you I always thought they were. Ann blessed me and brought me out to witness your celebration of life... I was truly amazed at the hands that went up when they asked who all had been taught to swim by you. Amazing moment for me personally. All in all, I'm thinking of you and ask for your heavenly guidance. May the blessings be. Your great grandson, Jourdan.