James Thomas Pappas

date of birth July 12 1940

date of death November 5 2013

Jim was born in Chicago, Illinois.  He attended Yale University where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.  He received his medical degree from Stanford University Medical School in 1966 and completed his residency at OHSU in 1972.  He became board certified in urology in 1975 and practiced urology in Portland and Tillamook until his retirement in 2012

Jim is survived by his wife, Jo Pappas; children, Holly Pappas of Chicago, IL, Mark (Jeanette) Pappas of Indian Wells, CA, Elise (Robert) Flexon of Houston, TX; three grandchildren; and his former wife, Sandy Atwood of Indian Wells, CA.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas Constantine Pappas and Stella Passiales Pappas.

Celebration of Life to be held next summer.  Please see www.ANewTradition.com for updates.

Memorial Contributions may be made to

The Oregon Humane Society, Nicole Lutton, Development Assistant, 503-28-7722 ext. 436, 1067 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97211

 or Compassion & Choices Oregon, Susan Prior, Development Manager, 503-525-1956, 4224 NE Halsey St., Ste. 335., Portland, OR 97213.

Arrangements by Crown Memorial Center-Tualatin.

27 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by holly pappas May your spirit shine bright in each and every one of us and may you guide and protect us through every waking moment.

Candle lit by MaryAlice and John MacDonald We feel blessed to have known of your strong spirit through Jeanette and Mark.

Candle lit by Mark Pappas Dad, it is an honor and privilege to be the son of someone as special and gifted as you. The consumate thinker with an insatiable curiosity, your ability to dissect and understand the world around you is unlike anybody I will ever know. Through your very actions you educate those fortunate enough to be part of your universe, making us better people for having known you. You saved your most important life lesson until the very end when you invited us to spend your last two weeks on earth with you. I will forever cherish this time, and will never forget the pride I felt watching you so calmly and flawlessly execute your courageous endplay. Keep on keeping on, Dad, and give our love to YiaYia and Papou. As befits your unique, larger than life persona, you will never be forgotten, and will live on forever in the hearts and souls of so many who know you and many more who do not.

Candle lit by Cindy and Dan Potter We are so sorry to hear about Jim's passing. He will always be remembered for the fun loving, intelligent, irreverent, humorous and devoted husband and father that he was. The planet has lost a great soul. You will be missed.

Candle lit by Gary & Marianne Rothenberger JT, you added a new meaning to unique. When you were in a room there was never a dull moment. It has been an honor and a delight to have known you all these years and will miss your always humorous sermons on all things no matter how mundane. Say hello to Tom & Stella, we have never forgotten the Greek meal your mother prepared for us many years ago. Till we meet again good friend.

Candle lit by Hannah Hayes and Roommates I wish I had had the honor of meeting him, but I feel as though I already have through my mom and Mark. He seemed like such a wonderful husband and father. He was always remain in my prayers.

Candle lit by Larry Eschelman J.T., my life began a new chapter when we met in 1961, at Stanford Medical School. You became a surrogate brother to Marilyn and me, and a surrogate uncle to Lori, Todd, and Scott. You are loved by all of us, and you will be remembered forever. Rest in peace and happiness, and let us never say goodbye. Instead, let us look forward to saying hello again.

Candle lit by Jeanette Pappas An amazing man that I feel so blessed to have had in my life. I have always been so impressed with your accomplishments, intelligence and sense of humor. Your humorous comments and one liners will forever be uttered by those who had the privilege to be in your presence. You loved to have a good time and I was more than happy to be right there with you. Being with you on your last days will never be forgotten. You, Jim, will never be forgotten. All my love to you.

Candle lit by Jeanette Pappas An amazing man that I feel so blessed to have had in my life. I have always been so impressed with your accomplishments, intelligence and sense of humor. Your humorous comments and one liners will forever be uttered by those who had the privilege to be in your presence. You loved to have a good time and I was more than happy to be right there with you. Being with you on your last days will never be forgotten. You, Jim, will never be forgotten. All my love to you.

Candle lit by Paula Alexander & Scot Statzer Our sincere condolences to the Pappas family.

Candle lit by Elise Flexon Dad loved, lived, worked, played, and laughed hard. He was larger than life and instilled such a strong work ethic in all of us. He taught us so many life lessons through his words and actions. He was compassionate, caring, thoughtful, generous, and honest. He told us the hard truths that we needed to hear and that helped us to be better people. As my friend Tracy said, his sharp brain and quick wit always made people want to raise their game when they were in his presence. He expected greatness from those he loved and worked his entire life to provide opportunities for us to be successful and lead honest, ethical lives. I am so proud to be his daughter and to hear all the nice things his friends and patients said about him. What stands out the most is the common sentiment that he was always there personally and professionally. I can't think of a better way to be remembered and a more exceptional mark to leave in this world. He was never too busy to take my call and to do whatever he could do to help, support and guide me. As a child, I just remember the many times he would pull me onto his lap at a dinner party to express his sincere love and devotion to me. We would sit and watch football together, and I remember the special times I spent going on rounds with him at the hospital, trick or treating on Halloween, and sharing a bowl of popcorn. He always made me feel like he truly enjoyed my company and respected my thoughts and opinions. His intensity was always intimidating, but it did make you feel like he was always present and engaged in the world around him. As Mark said, Dad had an insatiable curiosity and a mind that constantly needed to be fed and challenged. I will feel forever blessed to have been loved by him and eternally grateful that I had the time to say goodbye to him and the comfort in knowing that he was at peace and ready for what was next. I love and miss him so deeply and just pray that as time passes, laughter and smiles for his greatness will replace the tears for his absence. Xoxoxo, Cees

Candle lit by Scott Eschelman JT, A beautiful life. Thanks for being part of our family and blessing us with yours. The memories, your spirit, and the family bonds will live on forever.

Candle lit by Lori Eschelman Hunter Jim, you brought a passion and excitement to our lives that punctuates all our memories with you and your family. Todd, Scott and I grew up knowing you as our fun "uncle" and our worlds are all richer for having been in your orbit. Your friendship with our dad is a bright spot that will never fade. You were well loved and will be missed by all of us.

Candle lit by Ryan and Laura Armstrong In our thoughts and prayers..

Candle lit by Bill & Susan Anderson Our hearts go out to you Jo and all of the Pappas family. Jim was a great guy and will bring many a smile in the years to come as we retell his stories.

Candle lit by Tom Flexon and Tara Meissner Sending our deepest condolences to the pappas family.

Candle lit by Nicole Bailey I had the honor and privelege of working with such an amazing man (at providence portland medical center). I will always remember him for his sense of humor and wise spirit. The halls of the urology unit will NEVER be the same. He was an amazing teacher and gifted physician. He is remembered fondly and always with a smile... as well as many stories such as "remember when Dr. Pappas said....". He was one in a million. I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Candle lit by

Candle lit by Sandy Atwood Dear Jim,thank you for our 3 outstanding children.We had many memorable times together as HOLLY,MARK and ELISE were growing up.Please watch over our children and grandchildren.What more could a parent/grandparent ask?Rest in peace. Love,Sandy

Candle lit by Darol Ball Jim I am blessed you called me friend and taught me so much. Jim was an intelligent,Generous & Humorous person.I will miss our talks and all the advice you shared. Jim made a difference In the world and I can only strive to do the same in his name. The world is dimmer without you in it. Miss you friend.

Candle lit by holly pappas ....as i lift my tender heart and gentle soul, the humble warrior in me gracefully bows to the courageous warrior in you....i will forever honor and cherish your ethereal presence....

Candle lit by Jim and Shawn Harding Jim, we will miss your bigger than life personality, humor and kindness. All the beautiful tributes we have read about you just confirms what we have always known. Rest in peace brother in law.

Candle lit by Stephanie Leonte and the grandchildren Wow...words can't express the sadness and loss we feel. Papou, know you have touched the lives of so many...and your legacy continues. It warms my heart that Quentin, Titus and Minadora have such fond memories. Say hello to my Mom & Dad. We will continue to think of you often. We love and miss you! Xoxoxo

Candle lit by Janiece I worked with Jim for almost 20 years at Providence Portland, and my daughter (Kayla Zauner)followed in my footsteps. Jim was a character that could surprise you with his colorful language in one minute and be a big teddy bear the next. He will be missed ~ I only wish he agreed to a service -- we would like to honor him. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Candle lit by Stephen Rose Heartfelt condolences to to Jim’s family and friends. He was a very good friend of mine during the three years he was with us in the Class of '62 at Yale College. I feel very badly that I wasn't able to be in touch with him for so many years. He was amazing. So powerful...a kind of super hero, really, in the flesh. So independent. So focused. We played football together for a while at Yale. I was a guard and we had a drill where we pulled out and went for the defensive end. Usually the guard could get a pretty good hit on the end because he had a considerable running start. I always remember hitting Jim as hard as I could and kind of bouncing back. It was like hitting a tree. He looked at me as if to say, "What? You thought you could hurt me?" And he spoke on my behalf in an important situation. I'm very touched and happy that his family, based on the comments here, appreciated him. It’s very satisfying and a relief, really, to know that he had such love in his life; that he manifested so fully for those near to him. Namaste Jim.

Candle lit by Mike and Robin Yonker