Bernard "Bunny" Hartung

date of birth July 22 1938

date of death May 13 2014

Bunny was born in Portland and passed away in his longtime residence on the river in West Linn, OR. 

At an early age, his charisma and attitude got him noticed and led him to numerous and varied opportunities.   We remember hearing stories about him borrowing cars and delivering newspapers at age 10. He even convinced a small airport owner to fire the two guys he had working for him since Bunny could do both their jobs better and faster.  He did, and he traded in his work for flying lessons.  

His most important education came from life experience and involving himself in anything he was interested in-- from maritime work, furniture sales and rebuilding and remodeling "fixer-upper" homes to bartering for and collecting "treasures." Bunny went straight from high school into the US Navy where he served in the North Pacific on Navy tugboats.  Although he decided he wasn't interested in a career in the navy, he did find a career working on tugboats in San Francisco Bay.   

With his impish grin, a few friendly words and a firm shake of the hand, Bunny could make anyone feel like an old friend the first time they met.  He had an uncanny way about talking about nothing and making you want to listen to everything he said.  

A common "Bunny" greeting was "Hey, you bring that 5 bucks you owe me!??" Bunny's colorful expressions and ability to spin a yarn were second to none.  You were never quite sure what was true, but it didn't really matter.  His stories could go on all day and he was always ready to share his opinion, whether you wanted it or not.  

You were never a guest for long at Bunny's house, because he'd find something for you to do to help out and, in turn, he was always willing to help anyone with anything.  His car has been referred to as a "one-way taxi" because he was always ready to come pick you up, or bring you to the Deschutes River for a "relaxing vacation"...and see how much work he could get out of you.  

Nobody will be able to think about Bunny without seeing his snappy uniform of Carhartt's, t-shirts and worn blue jeans, his white longshoreman's cap, and his grin with a, "Keep smilin'," trailing behind you as you walked away. 

A memorial gathering will be held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from noon to 3pm at "212 Sports" 11791 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015.

22 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by WOODY Thanks for everything Bunny. Rest in Peace. You will always be remembered and missed.

Candle lit by You were my favorite brother-in-law! I will miss your hugs and your lovely spirit. Until we meet again

Candle lit by dave hartung

Candle lit by Paul Ritter Keep smiling!

Candle lit by Martha & Mariah Hendricks Good bye for now old friend. I will always remember your wit and humor. Rest in peace until we see each other again. Say hello to James for me. I am sure the two of you will have lots of stories to share.

Candle lit by Mark Manes What kind of Gillhoolie operation are you running up there? I am still waiting for the $20 bucks you owe me. I miss you already pal.

Candle lit by Al Hartman RIP Bunny, You'll never be forgotten. See ya on the next hitch on the other side :o)

Candle lit by Frank Wouters A true inspiration... honored to have been shipmates with you. your words of wisdom and humor always made a impact and will not be forgotton.

Candle lit by Joe Long Truly a legend of SF Bay. I'm happy to have sailed with you Bunny. May your next voyage have nothing but fair winds, following seas and dry socks!!

Candle lit by Mary e Gullickson Bunny, you came in to the world doing it your way and left it whistling your way. PEACE

Candle lit by Sherfy and Maryr Bunny, of all the folks we've worked with over the years you were, and always will be, the best. RIP.

Candle lit by MamoruTakaishi Whooos! Bunny. Arigatou Gozaimasu.

Candle lit by Mamoru Takaishi Whooos! Bunny. Arigatou Gozaimasu.

Candle lit by Patrick Piazza He was the first guy I met filling out an application for tug work. He set me straight and cracked me up at the same time. I got a head full of his stories that I won't forget and I feel honored to have worked alongside an old salt with such a strong work ethic. Keep on sailing Bunny you are not forgotten.

Candle lit by John Jensen "Awe Good" I said to myself, "it's the old guy". There were few who could leave me feeling confident and relaxed at the beginning of a job, and still feel the same by the end of the job. We agreed!

Candle lit by Stacy I Bernie, you always made my day so much brighter, every time you flew in or out of SFO. I'll never forget how you took me and a friend out for lunch when I was driving up to SEA for my new job. You were the only person I looked forward to seeing before you even arrived at the airport. I'll miss your infectious smile and how you made everyone feel like one of your closest friends. Enjoy your new voyage, and I look forward to a ride when we meet again my dear friend.

Candle lit by Zack Kellerman Bunny, you always kept the folks on the waterfront busy and smiling. Your incredible work ethic was as infectious as your humor. You will be missed my friend.

Candle lit by Alice Ridgway Bunny you will be missed by many. We go back a long time but the biggest impression you made on me was when I was 20. We're talking 42 years ago in San Jose. You taught eat lot about life...thank you for all your help and advice. And thanks for paying me the money you lost in that bet you made with me!

Candle lit by Dennis Ainsworth Bunny taught me many things. Most important was to keep smiling! He didn't judge me for the things I didn't know or the mistakes I made. Just how hard I was willing to try. He opened up his home to me several times, even when I didn't ask. I will always be greatful for the lessons he taught me. Especially the ones that I keep learning from.

Candle lit by joey mawdsley keep smiling. I still remember the day i wandered through your house in maupin trying to find you to help you paint and hang from the railing.

Candle lit by Tony Perales I met Bunny in Sunnyvale, California, when he joined Bob Schwartzkopf, Jim Christman and the rest of us with Rusty Hampton's furniture rentals, in '67. Soon I found him in a used & curios shop of his own, on the Alameda in San José, where he thought I might have use for an old jail cell! Heck of a nice guy, sorry about his passing.